The Coworkers You Hate on Slack

Slack is the killer productivity app that’s revolutionizing the workplace. Gone are the days when we’d actually have to look our coworkers in the face while sitting across from them in an open office. And yet, our most annoying coworkers always find a way. Here are the new and innovative ways the coworkers you hate face-to-face become the coworkers you hate on Slack. 

The Delayer - Coworkers You Hate on Slack

The Delayer. Samantha responds to someone mentioning her…2 hours later. Why even bother Sam? Just log off. You’re obviously very busy and you can’t be bothered with the office communications tool that everyone else uses to get their dumb questions answered. No need to pretend like you’re paying attention, we all know you’re not.

The Confused - Coworkers You Hate on Slack

The Confused. Jenna regularly forgets which channel she’s in and often responds to a private message in a companywide one. Just so everyone in the company knows, Jenna is looking for some D from anyone on the Sales team. D stands for deliverables.

The Ignorant - Coworkers You Hate on Slack

The Ignorant. Nick has an uncanny ability to always pick the wrong GIF. If Nick’s life depended on him posting a relevant GIF, Nick would be dead. You often daydream about that very scenario. Thank god HR has been warned about Nick’s inappropriateness. Not your thoughts of murder. Those are safe in your head.

The Loudmouth - Coworkers You Hate on Slack

The Loudmouth. Then there’s Anna, who should take it to a private channel. You know what I’m talking about Anna. That namaste shit belongs in the #yoga channel.

The Jester - Coworkers You Hate on Slack

The Jester. Sean likes to read aloud the funny thing that someone just posted in the general channel. We all saw the semi-humorous one-liner, some even gave a crying laughing emoji but the illiterate of the office thank him. His retelling often makes the joke funnier.

The Passive-Aggressive - Coworkers You Hate on Slack

The Passive-Aggressive. Lindsay is so busy that she can ignore a direct message directly relating to a work project but not so busy that she’s not able to be the first one to publicly vote in the culture channel for what cocktail she wants at the company happy hour.

The Shy One - Coworkers You Hate on Slack

The Shy One. Matt just types and types and types, rarely posting anything. What are you typing, Matt? What are you not telling us? Are you really working from home today?

The Boss - Coworkers You Hate on Slack

The Boss. Karen is taking notes.

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