The Cooper Review is now accepting office-friendly satire submissions! There is no payment for submissions at this time, but any work you submit will be shared across our social media and newsletter for the world to see. You are also free to publish your work anywhere else.

Recently published articles from contributors include:

We tend to favor satirical “how to” style articles, but will also accept exceptionally funny Onion-style humor as well.

Here’s the submission process:

1. Send 3-10 headline ideas to Each headline should include a one or two sentence description of what the content of the article will be.

2. You’ll hear back within a week if any of your pitches are a fit for the site. If not, feel free to keep sending.

3. If a headline is approved, we’ll ask for a draft.

4. Once the draft is approved, you’ll be given a contributor account and enter your draft onto the site, where it will be edited for content and published when it fits the schedule.

5. Once you are published on the site, you’ll still need to pitch headlines but will be able to submit drafts directly into the system.

Ready to get started? Send your headline ideas to

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