If you love The Cooper Review, please consider supporting one of these organizations.

Smile Train

I love this charity because you know exactly where your money is going. Cleft lip and palate surgery for one child costs $250 but many families in the developing world can’t afford it. This foundation is important to me because my sister Charmaine was born with a genetic condition called Treacher Collins Syndrome. After years in and out of hospitals and many surgeries, she grew up to be one of my favorite people, my biggest champion and a successful Nurse Practitioner. I am so proud of her and I want to help other children grow up to lead fulfilling lives, no matter how they were born. Donate to SmileTrain here.

Access Living Chicago

I was on a plane one early morning with my husband when I came across this young lady’s story and how Access Living Chicago helped her lead an independent life as an adult with a disability. I’ve been donating ever since. My sister Rachael has a learning disability and has become a working, productive and happy member of society through many programs like this. So, although I’ve never lived in Chicago, I strongly support their mission. Donate to Access Living here.

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