Honest Diversity in Tech Report

This is an excerpt from my new book, How to Be Successful Without Hurting Men’s Feelings — out October 2018.

In the interest of transparency and mounting pressure from other companies doing it, we are very excited to release our Annual Diversity in Tech Report and share all the gains we’ve made in hiring “other people”. We welcome your feedback at [insert email address here].

1. Employee breakdown

Our overall employee breakdown remains diverse with people representing different backgrounds.

Diversity in Tech

2. Educational background

Our workforce comes from a diverse educational background.
Diversity in Tech

3. Hiring

Our hiring criteria ensures we have a diverse pool of candidates.
Diversity in Tech

4. Senior leadership

Our standards for diversity extends to our senior leadership, as well.

Diversity in Tech

5. Diversity by department

Although it varies by department, our departments are also wildly diverse.

Diversity in Tech

6. Sentiments on diversity

We encourage and are proud of the diverse perspectives people have on diversity.

Diversity in Tech

7. Salaries

Salaries are also diverse.

Diversity in Tech

8. Inclusion

Our employees enjoy a range of team building activities to enrich our diverse culture.

Diversity in Tech

Ongoing efforts

We continue to make diversity a top priority and have created a Diversity Council to lead and drive these efforts.
Diversity in Tech

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