9 Cartoons to Help You Avoid Any Actual Work

If you want to continue avoiding any actual work, follow the sage advice in these nine cartoons.

#1 Got a lot of email? Try this is revolutionary strategy.

I stopped checking email

#2 Email reminders are a great way to surprise yourself.

Email reminder

#3 It’s important you’re comfortable at work, no matter how ridiculous you look.

Desk blanket

#4 Open office layouts are a great way to increase collaboration and misery.

Open office layout

#5 In the corporate world, you learn to live with regret.

Moving meetings to Monday

#6 Boost team morale with a team building event.

Team building event

#7 Be realistic about your productivity goals.

Finish this on Sunday

#8 Sometimes to get more productive you have to waste time trying to get more productive.

Productivity apps

#9 Get your morning meetings off to a great start.

Meeting meditation

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