3 Hand Gestures to Use When You’re Completely Unprepared to Say Anything

Have you ever wondered how you can show your boss you know what you’re talking about? That’s right, hand gestures. Hand gestures help you avoid talking and which helps you avoid showing your coworkers how little you do know. For your next one-on-one with your boss, make time to work in one of these handy hand gestures. 

Focused on the Big Picture

Hand Gestures

How to do it: Make an L shape with both hands and put them on either side of your face.

Use this gesture to show that you’re really focused on the big picture. It’s a good one a to use when your boss asks you for any details.

I’ve Got My Sh*t Together

Hand Gestures

How to do it: Steeple your hands together to make a rooftop (à la Steve Jobs)

While it may be impolite to curse when speaking with your boss, you can show your ducks are in a row and leave out the expletive. Given its name, this gesture shows confidence and even a touch of smugness.

We Could Go With This, Or We Could Go With That

Hand Gestures

How to do it: Use your hands to represent the two choices.

During a discussion about how to cut department costs, when you say ‘we can make my position redundant’, raise your palm-up left hand. Then when you say, “OR we can evolve our advertising strategy,” raise your palm-up right hand. Add in a subtle shrug as needed. This is a great way to put distance between two disparate choices.


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