22 Must Have Items for Your Open Office Space

Here are 22 items no open office space can live without.

1. A Remote-Controlled Flying Shark

Must Have Items for Your Open Office Space

Every open office space needs a remote-controlled flying shark to keep employees sufficiently distracted during high-stress working hours.

2. Life-sized Cardboard Cutouts of Beloved Former Employees

Every office has a Doug or a Susan who they miss dearly. Why not keep their memories alive with a life-sized cardboard cutout?

3. Mechanical flying pig

For when anyone says that you’ll get a raise when pigs fly…

4. Assorted tea sampler

Must Have Items for Your Open Office Space

Tea is a sure sign of company growth and success, so make sure you have as many varieties as possible.

5. Fidget spinners

All that work on the keyboard can lead to carpel tunnel syndrome and other bad stuff. So get some fidget spinners.

6. Nerf gun

If you have trouble telling people to be quiet, try giving them a subtle hint with a nerf dart.

7. Subversive needlepoint

Must Have Items for Your Open Office Space

Add a touch of whimsy to your open office space with a needlepoint that says “Nope not today.”

8. Beach umbrellas

Beach umbrellas add a ton of flair to any converted warehouse space, and also help with the endless glare.

9. A countdown clock

A countdown clock is great way to help your coworkers wrap it up when they swing by your desk for a “quick chat”.

10. A treadmill desk

Make your employees think you care about their health with a treadmill desk.

11. Bean bag chairs

What makes you seem more fun than a bean bag chair?

12. An alcohol cart

Tech companies are known for epic innovation in drinking, so follow in their footsteps with your own booze station.

13. Ironic awards

Reward your coworkers for what they truly excel at, such as first place in giving zero fucks.

14. Bobble head dolls

Every desk should have a bobble head.

15. Blow-up Dolls of Current Employees

After a layoff, the office can feel kind of dead in the early morning, evenings, weekends and during the day. Make it seem more happening with a blow-up doll so it looks like there’s really someone sitting at a desk.

16. A box of Christmas decorations

Just an old box of Christmas decorations that no one seems to want to put away until it’s already Christmas again.

17. Pool noodles

In case a coworker starts drowning in work, throw them a pool noodle.

18. A book about how to appear smart in meetings

Looking smart in meetings will make you look smart, but just having the book will also do the trick.

19. A tribute to Office Space

Every office needs an Office Space poster.

20. Inflatable unicorn

If your company has any chance of actually becoming a unicorn, keep your eyes on the prize.

21. Demotivational posters

Let the walls speak for themselves.

22. Swear jar

Every open office needs a swear jar to collect a dollar each time your coworker says something questionably offensive or accidentally replies all on an email.

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