HR Staff Caught With ‘Pants Down’ During Rare Strip SCRUM Poker Scenario

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA — An anonymous complaint sent HR Manager Danielle Applebaum scrambling to the sixth floor of her company’s office complex.

“The engineering lead is removing an article of clothing for each new product requirement that gets added. He’s down to pants,” the complaint read.

When Danielle arrived on the scene, she stood with mouth agape and absorbed the image of thirteen middle-aged engineers packed tightly into a four-chair conference room — each struggled to maintain an arm’s length from their semi-clothed team leader.

“My psychology degree did not prepare me for this,” Danielle admits regrettably.

Upon further investigation, she discovered that the SCRUM leader, Fillmore Ericsson, took the CEO’s new ‘call for transparency,’ a bit too literally.

“SCRUM is an honest and safe space. Nowhere in the company is transparency more vital,” Fillmore explained as he unbuttoned his khakis.

Danielle struggled to find the right policy to handle the scenario.

“It would’ve been easy if Fillmore made a sexual advance toward his subordinates. But since the nudity was a productive byproduct of ‘workplace conduct,’ his infraction fell right into a policy gap.”

At the time of publication, Mr. Ericsson had yet to receive disciplinary action while Danielle hastily typed away an addendum to the employee handbook titled, Appropriate Workplace Attire.

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