9 More Cartoons to Help You Avoid Any Actual Work

If you want to continue avoiding any actual work, follow the sage advice in these nine cartoons.

#1 Always listen to science.

Researchers say...

#2 When describing open office environments, choose your words carefully.

Open office nightmare


#3 Some words you choose can have many different meanings.

Meanings of definitely

#4 Depending on your industry, you can use this guide to make decisions.

Decisions by industry

#5 When you practice self-control, reward yourself by letting go.


#6 Develop a mantra that helps you get going in the morning.


#7 But then abandon that mantra for your phone.



#8 Study the Venn diagram of Sunday productivity.



#9 And motivate yourself by reading about how to motivate yourself.



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Sarah Cooper

Sarah Cooper is a writer and comedian whose work has appeared on Huffington Post and Business Insider. She is an expert in career and relationship advice for people who like to laugh.

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