8 Signs Your Heroin Addiction is Hurting Your Career

The following is a guest post submitted by Bob Johnson.

Did you know your heroin addiction may be hurting your career? It’s true.

For many people, being addicted to heroin is a way to connect with their fellow office mates. But for some people, being addicted to cocaine, marijuana, meth, heroin or even hard drugs like caffeine, might actually be a detriment to getting ahead in the corporate world.

Check out these 8 ways your heroin habit may be hurting your career and see if they don’t apply to you. Find a friend to read it to you if you’re having trouble focusing on the screen.

1. You were late to work because you spent 8 hours waiting for your dealer in the Home Depot parking lot.

Time management is an important skill in the business world and your drug habit could have a huge impact on your scheduling abilities. Your coworkers may pretend it’s all good, but behind your back, they’re keeping track of these indiscretions.

2. You no longer start your weekly updates with a joke, you jump right into statistics

updateYou used to be so jovial in meetings, starting out with a joke or funny story. Now you barrel right into the data with an abrasiveness that is off-putting at best, and at worst, too. Could it be your drug addiction is making you lose your zest for niceties? It could be. This will affect the rapport you have with your coworkers.

3. You suggested a needle exchange program for a team offsite


It might seem like a great idea for an offsite, but it’s actually, really, really not. It’s not. Your ideas and contributions are constantly being judged and this misstep won’t be forgotten come promotion time.

4. You haven’t seen your kids in 12 years

Coworkers often find you staring at a photo of what appears to be your family, however you also seem to be mouthing their names as if you’re not sure you recognize them anymore. Having a solid home life is important for work life balance.

5. You were called into your manager’s office after expensing Brillo pads and glass pipes


You’re not sure what you were thinking when you expensed these items and the truth is, you weren’t. You just did it. And now you have some explaining to do, which could really look bad on next quarter’s performance report.

6. You had to skip team drinks because any alcohol would definitely kill you with the amount of dope you’d been shooting in the break room


Team drinks are a great bonding opportunity, but you keep missing them due to the amount of toxins already taking over your body. This means that next time there’s team event, guess who they’re not inviting? That’s right. You.

7. Your Secret Santa gift was a Antabuse prescription and an AA book


A Secret Santa gift like this is a dead giveaway that your coworkers are onto your drug habit. Your secret might be safe with Santa but not with them.

8. When no one commented on the document you sent out, you threatened them with a stapler, then ran and hid in a Starbucks bathroom for a couple hours, then went back to the office and was like “What? I was just kidding.” Then you repeated the threat and the police were called. You spent 3 days at Bellevue, but then you got out and did it again, and the police were called again. When they showed up you were consenting and willingly went to Bellevue this time. You stayed a week. When you got out you started counseling two times a week and are on rocky, but more stable ground with your officemates.



– Bob Johnson

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