7 Do’s and Don’ts for the Office Holiday Party

Here are some important reminders for your office holiday party.
Conversation - Office Holiday Party
The office party is a great time to bond with your coworkers through casual, light-hearted conversation. This is not a good time to be brutally honest.

Dancefloor - Office Holiday PartyLet loose on the dancefloor and show your coworkers your best moves. Just don’t get so crazy that you end up making a mess.

Compliments - Office Holiday Party
Parties are always a great time to grab facetime with your boss. Just don’t use it as an opportunity to share your affection for them out of the blue.

Hooking up - Office Holiday Party
Hooking up is to be expected at most office parties, just do it discreetly.

Photobooth - Office Holiday Party
The photos from the party are the proof you were there and had a great time, not a time to show off your questionable comedic instincts.

Leaving - Office Holiday Party
Make sure to leave before the party is over and not after everyone has already left.

Next day - Office Holiday Party
Show up for work the next day and you’ll stand out amongst your coworkers. Sleep under your desk with a bottle of wine will also make you stand out.

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